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 Davide Zani
About Me

Hi, my name is Davide and I’m an italian freelance 

Web designer.

Welcome to Quixote Vision!

Why this name?

Famous Don Chisciotte (or precisely Quixote) is the symbol of the countercurrence and perseverance of “noble values”.

Websites are now created through the use of graphic editors and quick tools, but often without professional knowledge of the digital world.

This is “the normality”: websites that are slow, over-structured and not optimized for search engines.

My goal is instead to develop a complete and dynamic project that can easily transform and expand over time, avoiding unwanted future problems and costs.

With passion and dedication to my work, I create an ideal website that fits your business and maximizes the result.

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Web Design Professional Knowledge

What it means?

At the base of your digital strategy there must be a high-performance website. Carefully following the directives of the W3C for the technical standards of web design, I develop a project with these characteristics:

  • development

    <clean code and correct semantic, for a functional and precise website structure>

  • design

    <brand identity, for a visual communication that can represent the identity and values ​​of your company>

  • Seo

    <SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization), for search engine indexing and result pages>

  • UX use experience

    <responsive and easily navigable site, for an optimal user experience ( UX ) also on smartphones and other devices>

A project Perfectly Done


  • Internet is the first place to look for information about a company;

  • It’s your business card, available at any time;

  • Visibility of your website corresponds to the relevance it has to Google;

high performances

Would you walk into a dirty and messy shop?

  • slow website

    Average user leaves a slow website after a few seconds.

  • good structure and semantic

    A correct structure makes a website faster and more relevant to Google.

  • fast website

    A fast website has a better chance of appearing in search engine results.

  • web analysis

    Websites can provide a relevant amount of browsing data for your online strategy.

Stages of Development

  • meeting

    1 – This is the stage where I get to know you and I immerse myself in your world. Before I can properly design your website, I need to understand you, your goals and your audience.

  • first development

    2 – I take what I’ve learned about you and I start designing a bespoke website that meets your specific needs, all while accurately representing your brand and developing an intuitive user experience for visitors.

  • final development

    3 – Once you are satisfied with the first project, I will proceed to the final realization making sure that everything is optimized to follow modern web practices, such as speed, security and reliability.

  • programmazione

    4 – Once you’ve completed the project and double-checked everything along with your approval, it’s time to start up your website. In this step I will give you detailed explanations on how to add contents to your website so that you can manage it by yourself.


Frequently Asked Question Where can I see your previous works?

Thanks for your question!
In my Portfolio page you can see some projects I have created, each with a detailed explanation of the work done. Of course this site was also completely developed by me.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The cost of a website is very variable and depends on the needs of the project itself.
In the first meeting we will try to identify specifics and objectives that can influence the cost. These are things like the number of pages, specific features, functionality, optimization, elaborate graphics etc. These specifics will contribute to the cost and it will vary from project to project. If what you need is a showcase simple website, it will cost you around € 700 – € 1000.

How long does it take to finish a website?

It will depend on the scope of the project.
A basic showcase website can take 1-3 weeks, depending on the amount of pages.
A complete website with 5-10 pages can take 6-8 weeks.

Do you need a perfectly done website?

Contact me without obligation and you will have my professionalism at your disposal.

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