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Quality Services for the Web

Creating a digital strategy can be compared to building a house.
Would you build its foundation on sand?
Quixote stuides web design
Quixote studies web design
How does a project stand out in terms of visibility and results compared to others?

It’s an important investment: Quality and Value depend on how it is made.

This is why I believe that studying each project in a personal way is essential to achieve and maximize your goals.

Optimization and visibility in the long run are the end products of my work.

What do you need?

what do you need

A high performance website that generates quality visits and contacts

cosa hai bisogno

An identity that represents your values ​​and that is clearly positioned on the market

cosa hai bisogno

A complete strategy that coordinates all digital technologies and achieves your set goals

My Services

Website and E-commerce

Website Development

I rely on the CMS WordPress to better manage all the contents, but I only use website themes that I personally designed or that I know very well. My professional knowledge allows me to guarantee the following characteristics:

  • clean source code
  • correct structure
  • speed
  • ease of navigation
  • responsive layout on any device

It also includes Optimization basis for the initial positioning on Google and SSL Certificate , which guarantees security against web threats.

My mission is to concretely respond to the personal and functional needs of your business with an expandable product that maintains its value over the time.

The web is at your service.


As a new goal in commerce, a web shop is now indispensable for all those who sell and who want to improve traffic with their customers.

This module will be implemented with all the dynamic features necessary to ensure optimal interaction with visitors.

You will be able to manage catalog and products in a simple and intuitive way to optimize yours earnings.

Brand and Logo design


Immediately transmit an emotion, arouse a need, ignite a desire; this is the goal of the study of graphic communication.

Understanding who you are and what your values ​​are will help me to accompany you in designing a clear and coherent image and to create a brand that positions itself clearly on the market, best representing your identity.

Logo Design

The logo I create is original, unique but at the same time simple and easily recognizable; a brand that customers will directly associate with your professional reality.

Brand identity

Logo is just the beginning.
True identity is the complete image of your company that is brought to the outside and that successfully reflects its essence and values.

Your brand is the soul of your business!


SEO Analyses

Website optimization positively influences the detection by search engines, and therefore a better positioning, but also the contents shown to visitors and the navigation of the site itself.

A good SEO analysis corresponds to an increase in visits to your web page and consequently to an increase in the quotes and / or purchases of your business.

Study Activity

I carry out a careful study aimed at identifying keywords for Google, analyzing the competition and targeting your company.

Technical Activity

Subsequently, I coordinate all the technical interventions at my disposal to effectively improve search engine optimization.

By studying navigation data and comparing them over time, it is possible to evaluate and intervene with specific strategies.

Increasing quality and amount of traffic your site has is the key to success.

Management & Maintenance

Management & Maintenance

Your website always needs various types of updates to remain efficient.

These operations can concern:

  • modifications of contents and / or functions
  • updates to keep it fast
  • updates to keep it protected from cyber attacks
  • graphic restyling (new branding)

If the site is particularly old it may not be responsive , this means it’s not visible or it’s difficult to navigate on devices with different screen resolutions (such as smartphones or tablets); it’s therefore penalized in visualization and browsing experience by users.

Last, but not least, it’s essential to take into account the GDPR directives by always updating the Cookie and Privacy pages in order not to fall into penalties.

Management / maintenance interventions I offer can be periodic, based on the specific needs of your page, or occasional, when individual problems or new opportunities arise.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media has now become the most direct channel for communicating and interacting with customers.

Communication has changed and is no longer one-way; thanks to social media a company can also “listen” its customers, drawing important information for the improvement of their business.

Identifying the most effective ones to promote your business and expand its visibility according to the sector you work in and your goals is therefore essential.

With the help of professional collaborators, I help you to create a management and coordination strategy for all the communication channels at your disposal to improve interaction with your customers.

Do you need a perfectly done website?

Contact me without obligation and you will have my professionalism at your disposal.